sexta-feira, 3 de fevereiro de 2012


Cut twill tape to cover the comb length twice, angling ends to meet in the middle.

Sew tape to comb, matching folded edge of the twill tape to the edge of the comb.

Attach the twill tape to the comb with thread and needle by going in between each comb tooth and taking a small bite of the twill tape so you can't see the stitch.

You will come to the back between the same comb teeth, but now cross the next comb tooth and repeat the small stitch in the twill tape. Cross to in between the next two comb teeth, stitch, repeat.

The stitches should look like this.

The front of the comb should look like this.

Measure the pearl trim to fit the comb.

Sew the bottom line of the trim to comb in between each bead. You will be going around the comb teeth again.

For the top part of the trim, go in between the comb and the twill tape to attach.

Finish off the ends.

Repeat for a second comb, and finis!