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Cereal Box House Tutorial

I have had this tutorial on my mind for so long!
I love little houses and creating wee villages, definitely
a carry over from my childhood, and have been wanting
to make some of my own to play decorate with. I figured
I could make houses from all the cardboard boxes in
my recycling so now I have finally taken pictures and
written up a tutorial to share with you!
There are a lot of pictures but the tutorial is actually
very simple. Once the house is made it can be painted
or covered with paper or even left plain. You can also
leave one flap open and use it as a gift box, part of an
advent, or just a hiding place for treasures :)

cardboard box from the pantry
straight edge
thick white glue
something to score with

clamp, clothespins, or painter's
tape for holding pieces until
they dry
*click on pictures to enlarge*
1cerealboxhouseopen#1: undo all the seams and lay your box out flat with the
unprinted side facing up
2cerealboxhousemark#2: draw a line across the box at least
one inch below the mid line
3cerealhouseboxcutroof#3: cut the original vertical fold lines from the top to
the marked line; lines to cut are marked with a
white dot in the picture
4cerealboxhousescore#4: score across the box on top of your drawn line
5cerealboxhousecutflaps#5: cut off the little flap at the arrow; cut off two of the
top flaps - where the X's are in the picture
6cerealboxhousegluebody#6: turn over and apply glue to the small side seam flap
7cerealboxhouseclampbody#7: fold up box in reverse and clamp or hold
until side seam is dry
8cerealboxhousegluebottom#8: fold and glue the bottom of the box
9cerealboxhousehalfway#9: here's the box all glued up in reverse and the top is
cut and ready to make the roof

10cerealboxhousefolds#10: fold all four sides down on the score line you made
earlier in #4 then fold back up straight
 11cerealboxhouseglueroof#11: apply glue to the small flap at the top of the short
side panel (see arrow in picture #10); put glue on the
unprinted side and glue together as above

12cerealboxhousescorerooffront#12: lay box on its side, then mark and score angled
roof edges against the front and back panels of
the box (all four angles)
13cerealboxhousecutextraoff#13: cut off top section of each front and back panel
at the peak of the roof
14cerealboxhousecutglueflaps#14: cut side panels along the angled roof line about
3/8" away from your marked and scored line
(do this for all four angles)
15cerealboxhousecuttips#15: cut off an angled tip at the peak of the
sides (four times)

16cerealboxhousefoldflaps#16: fold all four flaps that you just cut towards the
box; apply glue on all the flaps and tuck into the roof

17cerealboxhousefinished#17: here's your house all glued and
ready to be decorated!

Experiment with a variety of boxes; the small house
in the middle is made from two pudding boxes glued
together and the square house on the right is from a
tea box. You can also change the height of the roof by
adjusting the length of the four vertical
cuts you made in #3.

CerealboxhousespaperedThese houses were all taped instead of being glued and
then I covered them with paper.

BellaDiacerealboxhousespaintedThese houses were painted with acrylic paint. They can
be drawn on after they have dried. The little house with
the green roof is made from an allergy medicine box.

I hope you'll try to make some houses. They are
easy enough for older kids to do and younger kids
can have someone else make the house and then
enjoy the painting and decorating. 

Ornament Advent Day 3:
Glitter House Ornaments!

CC10 glitter housesThese little Glitter House ornaments are a
great way to recycle small cardboard packaging.
The boxes used above are a spice box and jello
box. For young kids, prepare the houses in
advance but older kids will easily be able to
make these on their own.

CC10 home sweet home glitter house ornament supplies
small cardboard pantry box
acrylic paint
paint brush
string or floss for hanging

CC10 home sweet home glitter house red ornament

→ follow my tutorial here for making a house
from a cardboard box
→ paint the house as you like, let dry
→ using a paint brush, spread the glue on the
house and cover with glitter, let dry
→ attach string or floss for hanging

domingo, 2 de dezembro de 2012

DIY: Tecido de Natal da árvore - Annette

Esta é a idéia de Annie ( www. aneto.wordpress.com ) para fazer uma árvore de dois pedaços quadrados de pano e quatro pratos máquina de costura :) Uma vez que é muito facilmente poderia à mão para montar as peças de pano para uma outro.


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