quarta-feira, 8 de agosto de 2012


All The News That’s Fit To Primp

I can’t stop working with newspaper and sisal rope these days – here’s another quick wreath idea made from a few pages from The New York Times. The kids can definitely help on this project – it is super easy. I used newspaper, but any kind of paper will work (wrapping paper, construction paper, magazine pages) – so experiment if you like.
Small shredded fans of newspaper are tucked into a grapevine wreath to create a holiday look that really says something.
Cut newspaper into 4-inch strips (lengthwise).
Do a 1-inch roll fold all the way up the page – flattening & creasing paper as you go.
Staple at the bottom and cut off about 1/8 of an inch on either side to start (to take off the folded sides) – then cut into paper lengthwise to create a fringe.
Tuck stapled end underneath vines and spread out fringed paper – pressing down at the center and folding paper to get it to go where you want.
This is the primping part. Newspaper is quite malleable – press it and move it around to get the shape you desire.
Keep going around until the wreath is completely covered.
I hung this one on my powder room door.
A few years ago, I covered my powder room door with pages from old books – if you’re interested in reading more about that project you can find it here.

amei isso tb, http://cfabbridesigns.com/category/craft-projects/page/5/

Lemons To Lemonade Gift Bag

Use a mesh lemon bag to wrap a small gift or party favor.

To make this you will need a mesh lemon bag.

Tear off the paper label, but be sure to keep the original stitching in place – this is what keeps the bottom of the bag closed.

Choose your fabric for the trim – I used a paper fabric that I picked up at Joanns Fabric and Craft Stores. It's like a really thick paper towel.

Cut out a piece of fabric that is roughly the same size as the original label and fold it over the closed end of the bag. Using a glue gun, attach fabric.

Place your gift inside and close top with a plastic bread bag tag.


Cork Cage Trivet

Happy New Year! I have a fun little craft for you today made from champagne cork cages…

Champagne cork cages are flattened, wrapped in yarn and linked together to make this colorful trivet for the new year.

This is a fun way to add vibrant color to your table and the kids can help with this.

Start out by removing the ring from the base of the cork cage. You can do this by clipping it with a wire cutter and pulling it out.

Remove metal disk and pull out arms to flatten cage.

Tie yarn onto one of the arms.

Begin wrapping yarn around each of the arms, creating a diamond shape. Make sure you wrap each arm in the same way. This is exactly the same method you would use to make a God's Eye.

Using the left over wire from the ring – make small links and connect each God's Eye together at the loops.

A great way to use leftover yarn too.