quarta-feira, 8 de agosto de 2012


Cork Cage Trivet

Happy New Year! I have a fun little craft for you today made from champagne cork cages…

Champagne cork cages are flattened, wrapped in yarn and linked together to make this colorful trivet for the new year.

This is a fun way to add vibrant color to your table and the kids can help with this.

Start out by removing the ring from the base of the cork cage. You can do this by clipping it with a wire cutter and pulling it out.

Remove metal disk and pull out arms to flatten cage.

Tie yarn onto one of the arms.

Begin wrapping yarn around each of the arms, creating a diamond shape. Make sure you wrap each arm in the same way. This is exactly the same method you would use to make a God's Eye.

Using the left over wire from the ring – make small links and connect each God's Eye together at the loops.

A great way to use leftover yarn too.

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